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We specialize in the production of maternal and infant hygiene products and the supply of related raw materials. It has more than 17 years of manufacturing experience in the field.

SuperSoft, 3D Leak Guard,  Fast Absorption, Breathable

* OEM / ODM Manufacturer


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Our Products

Adult and Baby Diaper Manufacturer & Supplier

Sanitary Napkins Manufacturer & Supplier

Wipes Manufacturer & Supplier

About Us

We have over 17 years of experience in this industry. We employ over 500 people and operate 18 high-quality manufacturing lines.

We can deliver 400 containers of baby diapers, 200 containers of sanitary napkins, 50 containers of adult diapers, and 100 containers of baby wipes every month. Our goods are now exported to over 45 nations.

We cordially invite clients from both home and abroad to collaborate with us and form fruitful business relationships. Let’s start with friendship, then go on to business!

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Our Advantages

Export advantage

We have the right to export independently and sell overseas.

Own Factory

Our production base has an area of over 200 acres .

Leaping Development

In the early years of export, the growth rate accelerated at a rate of 30%.

24*7 Services

The company has professional customer service to help answer.

Fast Delivery

Export trade cooperation is DHL and maritime transportation.


FDA certification, CE certification, EAC certification, etc.

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Diaper Factory FAQs

Our diapers use a combination of high-quality materials, such as soft non-woven fabric for the top sheet, super absorbent polymer (SAP) for core absorbency, and a breathable waterproof outer layer.

Yes, we offer eco-friendly diaper options made from sustainable and biodegradable materials to minimize environmental impact.

Absolutely! We offer a range of sizes to accommodate different age groups and body types for babies and adults.

Our diapers feature a soft, hypoallergenic top layer that provides maximum comfort, while the elastic waistband ensures a perfect fit without causing irritation or pressure marks.

Our MOQ varies depending on the product line, but we strive to accommodate orders of all sizes. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.

Yes, we provide private label options so you can customize the packaging with your own branding and design elements.

Production lead times vary based on order size and customization requirements but typically range from 2-4 weeks. Delivery times depend on shipping destinations and methods chosen.

Yes, we’re happy to provide samples so you can evaluate product quality and performance before making a purchase.

Our standard payment terms are a 30% deposit upon order confirmation, with the remaining balance due before shipment. We accept payment methods like bank transfers, PayPal, and major credit cards.

Absolutely! All our products undergo rigorous testing to meet or exceed industry safety and quality standards.

Yes, we provide competitive pricing and volume discounts for large orders.

Definitely! Our team is equipped to collaborate with clients on unique product designs or custom feature developments based on specific requirements.

Our diapers are designed to meet or exceed the performance and quality of leading brands while offering competitive pricing and customization capabilities.

In case of manufacturing defects, we will replace the affected products or issue a refund, depending on the situation and client preferences.

We follow strict quality control procedures throughout the manufacturing process, including regular inspections at various stages of production to maintain consistency across all batches.

Yes! We can offer marketing materials, such as product brochures, images, videos, etc., that clients can use for promotion.

While we don’t have warehousing facilities, we work with reliable third-party logistics partners who can assist with storage and distribution needs.

We coordinate with reliable freight forwarding partners to manage international shipping and ensure proper documentation for smooth customs clearance.

Our diapers have a shelf life of 2-3 years when stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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Why They Love Us

“We love that Diaper Factory actively commits to safety standards. They make all their products without harmful chemicals or substances that could irritate your baby's skin. They rigorously test their products to meet or surpass industry standards.”
Emma Hart
"The Diaper Factory team knows our baby's requirements. They provide a wide selection of sizes and designs forbabies. Their dedication to affordability let every family should have access to high-quality diapers without breaking the budget."
Dianna Johnson

Contact Us

If you are interested in our products, please get in touch with us! You can contact us in any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via fax or email. You can also use the quick contact form below or visit our office. We would be happy to answer your questions.

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