How to change an adult diaper?

How to change an adult diaper? Step-by-step guide

Caring for someone who requires adult diapers can be challenging, especially when changing them. If you’re new to this task or looking to improve your technique, this guide is for you. In this article, we’ll cover the step-by-step process of changing an adult diaper, along with helpful tips and considerations to ensure a smooth and efficient experience.

How to change an adult diaper?
How to change an adult diaper?

Preparations for changing an adult diaper

Gathering Supplies

Before starting, make sure you have the following supplies on hand:

  1. Clean adult diaper
  2. Disposable gloves
  3. Disposable underpads
  4. Wet wipes or washcloths
  5. Barrier cream
  6. Trash bags

Preparing the Area

Choose a comfortable, flat surface to perform the diaper change. Ensure the area is clean and well-lit. Place a disposable underpad on the surface to protect it from spills or messes.

How to Change an Adult Diaper: Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps to change an adult diaper:

Step 1: Position the person

Help them lie on their back on the prepared surface. Ensure they’re comfortable and have adequate support for their head and neck.

Step 2: Remove the soiled diaper

If the person is wearing briefs, unfasten the adhesive tabs and fold them back onto themselves to prevent them from sticking to the skin. Gently roll the person onto their side, then slide the soiled diaper from under them. For pull-ups or pad and pant systems, assist the person in lifting their hips or rolling to one side to remove the soiled product.

Step 3: Clean the person

Use disposable gloves, wet wipes, or a damp washcloth to clean the person’s genital and buttock areas, working from front to back to prevent infection. Be sure to clean all folds and creases thoroughly. Dispose of the used wipes or washcloths in a trash bag.

Step 4: Apply barrier cream

Barrier creams help protect the skin from irritation caused by moisture. If the person’s skin appears red or irritated, apply a thin layer of barrier cream to the affected areas.

Step 5: Position the new diaper

Unfold the clean diaper and place it on the surface, with the backside (the side with the adhesive tabs or wider section) facing up. Assist the person in rolling onto their side and position the diaper under them, ensuring that the backside is aligned with their waist. Roll the person onto their back again, and pull the front side of the diaper up between their legs.

Step 6: Secure the new diaper

For briefs, fasten the adhesive tabs on both sides, ensuring they’re snug but not too tight. For pull-ups or pad and pant systems, help the person pull the product up and adjust the fit as needed.

Tips for a Smooth Diaper Change

  • Ensure open communication with the person you’re assisting. Tell them what you’re doing at each step and ask for their cooperation.
  • Maintain the person’s dignity by providing privacy during the process.
  • Keep a calm and reassuring demeanor to help the person feel at ease.
  • Practice proper hand hygiene before and after the diaper change.

Caring for the Skin

Regularly check the person’s skin for signs of irritation, redness, or rash. Keep the skin clean and dry, and apply barrier cream to prevent skin breakdown.

Disposing of Used Diapers

Seal soiled diapers and other waste in a trash bag, and dispose of them in an appropriate receptacle. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling soiled items.


Change an adult diaper with sensitivity and skill by preparing properly and employing the right technique, which allows for an efficient process with minimal discomfort. Follow the steps in this guide to offer proper care and preserve the dignity of the person you are caring for.


How often should I change adult diapers?

Changing adult diapers as soon as they become wet or soiled would be best to prevent skin irritation and infection. The frequency of changes will depend on the individual’s needs and the diaper’s absorbency.

Can I reuse an adult diaper if it’s not soiled?

No, it’s not recommended to reuse adult diapers, as they may harbor bacteria even if they appear clean.

What can I do to minimize odor when changing adult diapers?

Use a well-ventilated space, dispose of used diapers promptly in sealed trash bags, and consider using odor-neutralizing products.

How can I prevent leaks when using adult diapers?

Ensure the diaper fits snugly but not too tight, and check for gaps around the legs and waist. Select a diaper with appropriate absorbency for the individual’s needs.

Can adult diapers be used for both urinary and bowel incontinence?

Yes, most adult diapers are designed to handle both types of incontinence. However, specialized products may be available for specific needs.

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