How to Make a Diaper Wreath?

How to Make a Diaper Wreath: A Step-by-Step Guide

Consider making a diaper wreath if you’re looking for a creative and practical gift idea for an upcoming baby shower. Not only is it easy to make, but it’s also a fun way to give new parents a supply of diapers in an attractive and unique package. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to make your diaper wreath that will impress the mom-to-be.

How to Make a Diaper Wreath?

What is a diaper wreath?

A diaper wreath is a delightful and practical gift, perfect for baby showers or adorning a nursery room. It is created by arranging rolled-up diapers into a circular shape, resembling a wreath. The diapers are typically secured with ribbon or twine and decorated with items like pacifiers, onesies, toys, or baby socks.

It is an adorable decoration, and expectant parents can also easily disassemble the wreath and use baby diapers and other decorations for their little ones.

Supplies Needed Before Making a Diaper Wreath

Before starting your diaper wreath project, you must gather some supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Diapers (around 30-40 depending on the size of your wreath)
  • Rubber bands
  • Ribbon (2-3 spools depending on the size of your wreath)
  • Decorative items such as baby toys or pacifiers
  • Wreath form (you can use any shape or size)

How to Make a Diaper Wreath: Step by Step

Once you have your supplies ready, it’s time to start creating your diaper wreath. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Roll each diaper: Take each diaper and roll it tightly from the waistband down to the bottom. Secure it with a rubber band.
  2. Attach diapers to the wreath form: Take each rolled-up diaper and attach it to the wreath form by slipping the rubber band over it and tucking it into place. Continue until all of the diapers are attached.
  3. Add ribbon: Cut several pieces into equal lengths (about 6 inches) and tie them around individual diapers, spacing them out evenly around the wreath.
  4. Decorate with additional items: Add baby toys or pacifiers around the wreath using hot glue or ribbon.
  5. Finish with a bow: Tie a large bow at the top of your wreath to finish your creation.

That’s it! You now have a beautiful, practical diaper wreath that any new mom will love.

How to make a diaper wreath without glue?

You can use ribbons or rubber bands to make a diaper wreath without glue. Start by gathering a bunch of diapers and rolling them up tightly, securing each with a ribbon or rubber band. Arrange these rolled-up diapers in a circular shape, forming the base of your wreath. Then, add decorative items such as baby toys, pacifiers, or small accessories like bows and ribbons onto the wreath by attaching them to the diapers with more ribbons or tying them with rubber bands. You can create a beautiful, sturdy diaper wreath without glue.

Remember to choose ribbons or rubber bands safe for babies and ensure they are securely fastened to hold everything in place. With this method, you can craft an adorable diaper wreath while keeping it glue-free and safe for future use. Happy crafting!

How to make a baby wreath with ribbon?

You’ll need a foam wreath base and baby-themed ribbons to make a baby wreath with ribbon. Start by wrapping the base with one ribbon, then attach folded loops of different ribbons using hot glue or pins—alternate colors and patterns for an appealing design. Add small baby toys or accessories by tying them to the wreath with ribbon. Fluff up the loops and trim excess length for a polished look. Hang the wreath on a door or use it as a centerpiece for a baby shower. Enjoy creating your unique and charming baby wreath!

How to make a diaper wreath with a wire wreath?

To make a diaper wreath with a wire wreath, start by attaching folded diapers to the frame by threading them through the wires and twisting them tightly. Add ribbons and optional baby toys or accessories using more ribbons or twist ties. Adjust the position of the diapers for a full look and trim excess ribbon length. The wireframe provides stability, ensuring your wreath holds its shape. Hang it on a door or use it as a centerpiece for baby showers or nursery decorations. Enjoy creating your adorable diaper wreath!

How to make a diaper wreath Youtube video?

What size diapers do you use for a diaper wreath?

Using sizes 1 or 2 diapers is recommended when making a diaper wreath. These sizes are ideal because they fit most babies well and allow them to grow into diapers. If you plan to include more than 20 diapers in your wreath, it’s best to look for a wreath form with a diameter of at least 18 inches (46 cm).

This will ensure enough space to accommodate the number of diapers you want to use. Remember, using the right size diapers will help create a well-proportioned, visually appealing diaper wreath.

How to make a dream catcher diaper wreath?

Start by rolling and securing diapers with rubber bands to make a dream catcher diaper wreath. Wrap each rolled diaper with ribbon, using double-sided tape or glue dots to keep it in place. Attach the decorated diaper rolls onto a wreath ring using glue.

Consider adding dream catcher elements like feathers and beads for extra decoration. Create a visually appealing arrangement with careful color coordination. This dream catcher-themed diaper wreath is perfect for baby showers or nursery decorations. Enjoy the process of crafting something special for your little one!


Making a diaper wreath is an easy and creative way to give new parents something they will appreciate – diapers! By following these simple steps and adding your personal touches, you’ll have a beautiful and practical gift that will impress at the next baby shower you attend.


How many diapers do I need for a diaper wreath?

You’ll need about 30-40 diapers, depending on the wreath size you’re making.

What size should my wreath form be?

You can use any size or shape that you like. It’s best to choose one sturdy enough to hold the weight of the diapers.

Can I use any ribbon?

Yes, you can use any ribbon wide enough to tie around a rolled-up diaper.

What other decorations can I add to my wreath?

Using hot glue or ribbon, you can add small baby items such as plush toys, pacifiers, or baby socks.

Is it okay to make a diaper wreath in advance?

Absolutely! You can make your diaper wreath and store it in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to give it as a gift.

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