Super Absorbent Polymer Manufacturers Sap Raw Materials For Diapers

Super Absorbent Polymer For Diapers

Price Range:          $1.4/kg

MOQ:                   100kg

Payment:                TT  LC

Shipping Port:       Xiamen

Product Origin:     China

Delivery Day:        about 5 days after order confirmation

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Product Description

Product Name
Super Absorbent Polymer
white crystal granular
Free Absorbency
Retention Capacity
Absorption Rate
PH Value
Moisture Content
Particle Size
The absorbent core of Baby Diaper/ Adult Diaper / Sanitary Napkin / Nursing Pad /Under Pad
Absorb the liquid and change the liquid into gel form.
Packed in a polyethylene kraft bag with 25kg per bag or 1 ton per bag.


1). Absorb quickly, and it is easy to melt in blood and blood plasma.

2). When melting in blood, its speed can reach 3-5ml per minute and 7-8ml per three minutes. It can resolve blood leakage, especially for the thinner sanitary towel leakage problem.

3). Good liquid penetrating character, and it is easy to dry after absorbing.

4). It can be used for farming and forestry, saving water for farms and gardens and improving trees’ surviving ratio.

5). Used for sand, it can help the plant absorb water.

It is a green and environment-friendly high-tech product. It can be completely biodegradable into water, carbon dioxide, and other small molecules under certain conditions.

Packing & Delivery

Packing info:
20kgs kraft inner with plastic bag , 1* 20’ft containerit can fill 20 tons without pallet; 800kgs no woven bag inner with plastic bag, 1* 20’ft containerit can fill 16 tons.
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